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Re-Finance Your Vehicle And Save

Re-Finance Your Vehicle Today

The Convenience and Ease of Re-Financing Your Current Vehicle Loan With Autohaus East Rand

Re-Finance your current vehicle loan is an easy way to lower your monthly payments to get extra money in your monthly budget and not changing your lifestyle. Even if you just save R 500.00 per month, that’s R 6 000.00 a year and over a 72 months period to go, would be a massive R 36 000.00 in total. Not bad at all.


Re-Financing Your Vehicle Is One of The Best Kept Secrets To Save You Money

If you are interested to re-finance your current vehicle, your first step do is to fill in our online SECURE FINANCE APPLICATION and receive you will receive your results in just minutes or you can visit us at our offices.


Isn’t It Time To Save?

Isn’t it time to pay off your existing vehicle loan and replace it with a loan that better fits your situation? Re-Financing with Autohaus East Rand and you could start saving money for other important things in life. Take advantage of refinance your current vehicle today.

With our cash-back re-financing option, you can get access to extra cash when you refinance your car with Autohaus East Rand. Your final cash-back amount will depend on the value of your vehicle and is subject to credit requirements.

Terms & Conditions Apply

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